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University of the Punjab

Dr. Aneela Yasmeen

Research officer cum Lecturer
Dr. Aneela Yasmeen
I started my professional career as Research Officer from Centre of Excellence in Molecular Biology (CEMB), University of the Punjab Lahore, back in April 2008 after completion of my M.Sc. (Biochemistry) from Institute of Biochemistry and Biotechnology (IBB), University of the Punjab, Lahore. Later, my post was upgraded as Research officer cum Lecturer in January 2010.
In CEMB, I have worked in different laboratories including Immunology Lab, HBV / HCV diagnostics lab, Medical Genetics lab and Plant Biotechnology Lab. Currently I am part of Plant Biotechnology research group and working on development of genetically engineered crops for betterment of farmers and improving economy of the country.
I completed my M. Phil and PhD from CEMB during my job. The title of my PhD thesis was “­­Cas9-mediated gene knock down of Vacuolar Invertase (VInv) gene of Solanum tuberosum to reduce tuber sweetening during” which is the first report of development of any successful genetically engineered crop from Pakistan.
I am also founder of Gulls’ Association; founding member of Islamic Young Scientists Academy (IYSA); Events coordinator at CEMB; and Events coordinator at congress of Molecular Biology (CMB). I also served as Executive Member and vice president of National Academy of young scientists (NAYS), Pakistan. As part of all these organizations, I have organized more than 70 events (Conferences, awareness seminars, training workshops, and competitions) across Pakistan. I am among very few Pakistanis who have attended Global Young Scientists Summit (GYSS), an annual event held at Singapore.
Designation:- Research officer cum Lecturer